Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to contact us: email: Praiseyadoracion@gmail.com USPS: Multilingual Church Media P. O. Box 16 Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857

  2. Can we pre-order the PyA App? Sorry, we cannot process pre-orders for the PyA App, so we list it as coming soon. If you send us an email or sign up for our Newsletter, we will gladly alert you when the marketplace for the PyA App is available on Android, iOS and Amazon/Kindle.

  3. Is the print edition of Praise y Adoración available in a quantity discount? Yes it is. Quantity discounts are available as follows: 25-99 copies: 7% discount / $32.55 100+ copies: 15% discount / $29.75 plus mailing cost. Discounted orders must be made via email request and not through this e-commerce site.

  4. What place does Praise y Adoración Bilingual Hymnal seek to have in the worship resources of a local congregation? Praise y Adoración seeks to be a stand-alone hymnal/himnario for churches that regularly worship bilingually and do not currently use a hymnal. For churches that have and use a denoiminational hymnal, Praise y Adoración seeks to be a complimentary hymnal which the congregations can utilize to worship bilingually in English and Spanish. It will never replace the need for a denominational hymnal/himnario, but it can compliment it.

  5. Which are the 75 Hymnals/ himnarios and songbook/cancioneros which we cross-reference to indicate the page number where to find the musical score:
    A. Here the forty-six (46) English language hymnals and songbooks: 1. African American Heritage Hymnal, 2001 2. (BH’91) The Baptist Hymnal, 1991; 3. The Baptist Hymnal, 2008; 4. Celebrating Grace Hymnal, 2010; 5. Church Hymnal, 1979; 6. Church Hymnary, 2005; 7. Chalice Hymnal, 1995; 8. Come, Let Us Worship (Korean), 2001; 9. Evangelical Lutheran Worship, 2006; 10. Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal, 2013; 11. Hymns for the Family of God, 1976; 12. Hymns of Grace and Glory, 2002; 13. Hymns of Glorious Praise, 1969; 14. The Very Best of Hillsong, 2011; 15. Hillsong Modern Worship Hits, 2016; 16. Hymns, Psalms & Spiritual Songs, 1990; 17. Hymnal: A Worship Book, 1992; 18. The Hymnal for Worship & Celebration, 1986; 19. Integrity’s iWorship/Connect, 2010; 20. Lutheran Book of Worship, 1978; 21. Lutheran Service Book, 2006; 22. Lift Up Your Hearts, 2013; 23. Majesty Hymns, 1997; 24. Melodies of Praise, 1957; 25. Mission Praise 30th Anniversary Edition, 2014; 26. The New National Baptist Hymnal, 2001; 27. Psalter Hymnal, 1987; 28. Pilgrim Hymnal, 1931; 29. Praise! Our Songs and Hymns, 1976; 30. Rejoice Hymns, 2011; 31. Rejoice in the Lord, 1990; 32. Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, 1985; 33. Twenty Sheet Music Bestsellers: Christian Hits, 2012; 34. Sing Unto the Lord, 1978; 35. Sing With Me, 2006; 36. The Celebration Hymnal, 1997; 37. The Christian Life Hymnal, 2006; 38. The Hymnal 1982; 39. The New Century Hymnal, 1995; 40. TOP50 Praise & Worship, 2012; 41. Total Praise, 2011; 42. The Presbyterian Hymnal, 1990; 43. The Worshipping Church: A Hymnal, 1990; 44. The United Methodist Hymnal, 1989; 45. Worship: 4th Edition, 2011; 46. Worship and Rejoice, 2001;
    B. Here are the three (3) bilingual hymnals: 1. Cantos de Alabanza y Adoración, 1997; 2. Oramos Cantando / We Pray in Song, 2013; 3. One Faith / Una Voz, 2005.
    C. Here are the twenty-six (26) himnarios / cancioneros: 1. Alabanza Coral, 2015; 2. Alabanzas Poderosas, 2006; 3. Top 25 Cantos de Alabanza; 4. Cáliz de Bendiciones, 1996; 5. Culto Cristiano, 1968; 6. Cantos del Camino, 2000; 7. ¡Cantad al Señor!, 1991; 8. Celebremos su Gloria, 1992; 9. El Himnario, 1964; 10. El Himnario, 1998; 11. Gracia y Devoción, 1962; 12. Himnario Adventista, 2009; 13. Himnario Bautista, 1978; 14. Himnario de Alabanza Evangélica, 1989; 15. Himnos de Fe y Alabanza, 1966; 16. Himnos de Gloria - Cantos de Triunfo, 1994; 17. Himnario Metodista, 1973; 18. Himnos Majestuosos, 2011; 19. Himnario Presbiteriano, 1999; 20. Himnario de Tesoros Musicales, 1993; 21. Himnario Unido, 1999; 22. Himnos de la Vida Cristiana, 1939; 23. Himnos de la Vida Cristiana, 1967; 24. Lluvias de Bendición, 1947; 25. Mil Voces Para Celebrar, 1996; 26. El Nuevo Himnario Popular, 1955.

  6. Who are the editors of Praise y Adoración? The editors are: Benjamín Alicea-Lugo is a Church Historian (Ph.D/Union/NY/’88) and an Ordained Bishop of la Iglesia de Dios/Church of God (Cleveland, TN); and Irma Cuevas Alicea is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MSW/Rutgers/NJ/’84). Dr. Alicea-Lugo is the Pastor of the St. Paul's Evangelical Reformed Church, and along with Irma they have served the church for 30 years. In the 26th year of pastoral service, the Spanish congregation merged with the English congregation and there was a great need to locate the texts of congregational songs in both English and Spanish for a shared worship experience. It was difficult to find translations in both languages that were legitimate and correct. We knew that if we having difficulty finding hymns and coritos in both languages, perhaps others were experiencing the same issues. It took us four years to compile and prepare for publication the 950 songs in Praise y Adoración. Without the stimulation and support of a small inner-city congregation called the St. Paul's Evangelical Reformed Church, this hymnal would not exist.

  7. Who is the publisher of Praise y Adoración? The publisher is Multilingual Church Media.(MultilingualChurchMedia.com) Our mission is to create and distribute media products (print, digital & projection) that encourage and resource multilingual Christian worship. Pentecost was a multilingual event. The eschaton will be multilingual. Until then, we need to accommodate more languages to reach more communities.

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